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Congress encouraged infiltration in Assam for vote bank: PM Modi

Prime minister, Narendra Modi on Thursday said the congress encouraged infiltration in Assam for vote bank. 

Modi who addressed rally in Kendukona in Mangaldoi Lok Sabha constituency on Thursday said, “People of Assam and Northeast India had to fight to protect their identity and culture. Congress family and their courtiers in Guwahati, in order to be in power hatched conspiracy to create infiltration vote bank.”

He added,” The issue of border demarcation with Bangladesh was kept on hold and infiltration continued, Congress took advantage out this and people continue to suffer. This is what people got from Assam.” 

He added, “After 1971 war Congress could have solved all the problems of Assam, Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmir continued to burn and situation in Assam became grim. To protect Assam’s interest, integrity we have taken concrete steps. We did land boundary agreement with Bangladesh followin .. 

Bangladesh following which fencing the border became easy. Those who infiltrated the process are on to identity them; soon the work will be completed. We are ensuring that no genuine Indian citizen is left out and no infiltrator’s name is there in the National Register of Citizens (NRC).”

Modi said that to implement the clause 6 of Assam accord of 1985 concrete steps are taken. “We are working to give Scheduled Tribe status to six communities. A bill was tabled in this Rajya Sabha for this by our government. However we will ensure that rights and privileges of existing tribes will be protected. This is my promise.” 

Clause 6 provides for constitutional, legislative and administrative safeguards to protect the cultural, social, linguistic identity and heritage of the Assamese people. E

Source: ET

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