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Assam to get its sixth national park

Assam is all set to get its sixth national park in a lush forest cover in Dima Hasao district.

As per reports, the national park will cover a proposed protected area of Simleng River Impenetrable National Park of 100 sq km area and will form a large contiguous conservation belt together with the adjacent Borail Wildlife Sanctuary of Cachar district and the Nampuh Wildlife Sanctuary near Megahalaya.

The State already has five national parks at KazirangaManasNameriDibru-Saikhowa and Orang.

The district currently has Langting Mupa Reserve Forest (497.55 sq km), Krungming Reserve Forest (124.42 sq km) and Barail Reserve Forest (89.93 sq km).

The forests of the district also comprise a variety of fauna like tiger, leopard, elephant, barking deer, black bear, wild dog, wild buffalo, reptiles etc.

The important flora of the district include Haldu, Gamari, Titachopa, Nahar, Bonsum, Bogipoma, Bola, Koroi, Bhelu, Makri, Sal etc.

With varieties of flora and fauna in abundant green covers, the State is now ready to get a sixth national park soon.

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