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Indian Pilot praises Pakistan Army in new video released in Pakistan

Wing commander Abhinandan, an Indian pilot who was captured by the Pakistani soldiers after his plane was shot down, has reiterated that the Pakistan Army is a professional service and he is very impressed accoding to a video released in Pakistan.

In a video message prior to his release at the Wagah border, the Indian pilot said that he was trying to find a target when the Pakistani air force shot down his planes and he had to eject.

Pakistan shot down two Indian planes in Kashmir on February 27. One plane crashed in the Kohi Rata sector of Azad Kashmir while one crashed in Indian-Administered Kashmir’s Budgam area. Abhinandan, was also taken into custody.

“When I fell down I had a pistol,” he recalled. “There was a big crowd and I tried to run but they followed me.” Abhinandan said that the soldiers of Pakistan army saved him from the crowd.

“Two Jawans of the Pakistan army reached there and they saved me and took me to their unit,” he added. “I was given first aid and then I was taken to the hospital.”

Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman disclosed in his video statement before his release  from Pakistan on Friday  that he was searching for a target when his plane was shot down by the Pakistan Air force.

He said  “I  ejected my plane and using a parachute landed”. 

He only had a pistol with him. 

At reaching the ground, he was surrounded by an angry mob. 

”  I  had only one way of saving myself i threw my pistol and decided to run” said the Indian pilot.

The Indian pilot goes on to saying that when he was being attacked by the mob, he was saved by  two soldiers and the Captain of the Pakistan army. 

The pilot continues to say that after being rescued by the mob he was taken to the unit of the Pakistan Army, where he was given   first aid. 

First published in The International News. and

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