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Based on true story, “You Don’t Belong Here” releasing next month

Guwahati: In a spine chilling incident that took place on 8th of June 2018 India recalls the lynching that led to death of two young men Abhijit and Nilotpal. The death of the two young men saw an uproar in the Northeast as a video circulated showcasing the brutalities of the murder by a group of 300 people in a state of Northeast. Despite making immense efforts to plead for their life for absolutely no fault on the forefront by them, the men breathed their last.

While all of us tried to digest what happened on that black day and whether or not Abhijit and Nilotpal will get justice in our country, the family continues to fight their battle after losing their sons in broad daylight. This incident took place in the district of Dokmoka Village in Karbi-Anglong, Assam. Abhijit and Nilotpal were beaten to death using heavy stones, canes, sticks and bamboos despite begging and pleading for life.

A video was recorded and circulated on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram wherein they can be seen pleading that ‘My name is Nilotpal Das and I am an Assamese’.
In honour of our sons Abhijit and Nilotpal, the director has made an attempt to showcase the system, flaws and the details of the case in his documentary. Based on a true story, releasing next month is the documentary “You Don’t Belong Here” that will take us to the nitty gritties of the judicial and social system, it’s failure and how the lives of the two young men never saw broad daylight.

The director Zain Nile Zaman makes an attempt to understand and bring to light the incident before it drifts into a corner amongst the thousands of unresolved cases in the Indian judicial system. This documentary is an account of every person associated in the case from the judicial system, the family members of the victims,  the superintended of the case Shiv Prasad Ganjela and eye witnesses have also expressed their views and opinions including Mr Manas Sarania (defense lawyer) of the accused.

There is no justification to the death of Abhijit and Nilotpal and we hope that this shall unbolt some eye awakening truthful revelations about the case.

by B. Chivukula 

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