Bhutan adds 10 more coronavirus infections

The ministry of health in Bhutan said on Sunday that 10 more patients have been diagnosed with coronavirus in the country, which marks the largest daily increase in the number of cases in the country, the total number of coronavirus infections in the country stood at 43.

A Bhutanese student in quarantine in capital Thimphu has tested positive for COVID-19, making it the third case in the country and the first Bhutanese national to be infected, the Health Ministry said Thursday.

As per the ministry, the student has returned from Britain recently and was in quarantine when tested for the virus.

The ministry has initiated contact tracing and most of the contacts were already put under quarantine. Around 25 people were tested for the virus of which only the student was tested positive.

Meanwhile, the country’s health minister has also informed that the ministry has called back the doctors who went abroad. Around 24 have returned and are currently in quarantine centers.

Bhutan currently has only around 3,000 health workers and as per the minister this number will not be able to deliver the services if the country enter into the worst-case scenario. Around 600 backup volunteers have been trained to carry out health screening and the ministry plans to train 5,000 more.

To meet the shortages, the ministry also plans to keep those working in private clinics for backup services. The country also plans to call resigned doctors, nurses and health workers to make up for shortage if faced with worst-case situation.

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