Patanjali’s Coronol is available in stores across India

New Delhi: Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev, the popular face of the Ayurvedic Pharma Giant, Patanjali announced that three medicines in the Ayurvedic Corona Kit- the immunity-boosting medicine is now available across the country from now on.

Patanjalis Coronil kit available in stores across India from today: Baba Ramdev
Addressing a press conference on Wednesday, Ramdev Baba said that the medicine combo – coronil and swasari will be available in the market from today across the nation.

Patanjali can sell Coronil but not as cure’ to COVID-19: Ayush ministry

“Coronil and Swasari will be available in India from today. Ayush Ministry has used the term ‘COVID management’ for our medicine and not ‘COVID cure’. We are making it available across the country from Rajasthan to Maharashtra,” Swami Ramdev said.
Explaining how the medicines work, he said that the biggest danger is that the novel coronavirus enters the lungs, and starts to multiply. The medicines are able to control this multiplication.

Emphasising on the licencing of Coronil and Sawsari, Baba Ramdev said that the medicines were produced under proper Ayurvedic licensing from the state government in question.

Talking of the availability of Coronil in the market, Swami Ramdev confirmed that the medicine will now be available in the market.

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