Meghalaya village wishes to merge with Bangladesh due to apathy of government to provide basic needs and infrastructures

Tribal villagers in Meghalaya residing on the edge of India-Bangladesh international border have asked the Indian government to give away their four villages and its population to Bangladesh if the government is not willing to construct an all-weather road for them.

The tribe people of Hingaria, Huroi, Lahalein and Lejri villages have been moving from pillar to post to draw the attention of those in power both at New Delhi and Shillong to construct the Rymbai- Bataw-Borkhat-Sonapur Road for many years but their pleas have always fell into deaf ears.

According to reports, the ‘pathetic’ and ‘deplorable’ condition of the road has greatly affected the livelihood of the four villages.

Even they have come to a point where the very existence of these people is threatened because of the economic and developmental issues which the villages face.

The absence of a proper road, or mobile connectivity, or proper medical facilities has crippled the lives of more than 5000 people residing in these villages.

It has come to a point where the residents have to rely on Bangladesh for their survival since the government is least interested in these border villages.

The four villages fall under the jurisdiction of East Jaiñtia Hills district, and is located nearly 200 Km from Meghalaya’s capital Shillong.

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