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Drones can be difficult to get into as a beginner in this day and age given the multitude of options that have recently flooded the market.

That’s not even including the restrictive price tags most top-of-the-line drones in the market come with – even the entry-level drones of some of the most well-known manufacturers will cost you upwards of US$300-400. It’s just the nature of the game.

On the other hand, some of the more cost-effective options in the market today are seriously lacking either in functionality or durability – you’ll need to buy a camera for the cheapest models, anyway. Not exactly “cost-effective”, isn’t it?

It’s hard to find a good, solid drone packed with features that gives you excellent value for money, and without having to break the bank for one.

It’s all the more difficult to find one that’s perfectly suited for beginners who want more than just the most basic of drones – one that is affordable, easy-to-fly, compact, and fully set-up packed with a camera as well as features that make it versatile enough for most use cases of drones, without all the unnecessary bells and whistles (and exorbitant price tags, for that matter) of the leading brands in the market today.

Well, at least we thought so…until we found this German-designed, cost-effective, and affordable drone with all the necessary features the great majority of drone users will ever need, and more – with an HD camera perfect for taking aerial shots and selfies, all from a body that weighs and measures no more than a smartphone!

The DroneX PRO: Made for Everyone

We’re talking about the brand-spanking new DroneX PRO, a drone that was specifically designed for all flyers, such that anyone and everyone can easily fly it.

It was designed for every user: one who needs one to take majestic, splendid aerial shots and videos, as well as fun, creative, and daring selfies. You can even run your own livestreams and record video clips straight on your smartphone!

The best part? It’s only about the same size as a smartphone, and designed for maximum ease of use.

Literally anyone can master its use within minutes – it’s that easy to use. And it literally fits in your back pocket.

DroneX PRO’s sleek, cutting-edge design was crafted by a couple of German engineers who are passionate about drone technology. The proliferation of clunky, oversized, and heavy drones in the market was the spark that led them to design this highly-compact, immaculately-designed drone, without losing any of the features that today’s best drones possess.

Don’t let the ultra-compact body fool you – the DroneX PRO is designed to handle regular wear and tear.

And it wouldn’t even set you back hundreds of dollars – you can own one for less than US$100.

Just check out the quality of the photos you can take with the DroneX PRO – and imagine all the awesome selfies, photos, and videos you can take!

UPDATE: The folks at DroneX PRO are extending a special offer to our readers! Now with 50% off and with FREE SHIPPING worldwide for a limited time! Order more and get another DroneX PRO….for FREE! Order now!

See DroneX PRO in action:

Foolproof setup and operation

Setting up and operating the DroneX PRO is a breeze.

All you’ll need to do is to install an application by scanning the QR code found on the manual.

The rest is academic – just plug in the battery, open the application, and connect the DroneX PRO – you’ll be up in the skies within 10 seconds.

Flying it is the easy part. The controller it comes with is very responsive and intuitive, and the DroneX PRO is just a pleasure to fly – its handling is absolutely superb and fluid. You will surprise yourself at how simple it is to take to the skies the first time, every time!

You’ll also find yourself taking amazing photos and videos from angles and positions you never thought you’d manage to – all at a simple tap of the button.

Possibly the world’s most portable drone – at your fingertips

The main thing that sets DroneX PRO from the multitude of its competitors is its portability. There is simply nothing in the market that comes close to how easy it is to carry around. It fits your jeans pocket and is no larger than a smartphone. Try fitting any of its closest competitors in your pocket!

Drones in this price range often get a bad rap for being flimsy, but the DroneX PRO will exceed your expectations – it’s made of high-quality ABS plastic, making it light as possible to fly and to handle, but just as much makes it strong enough to withstand regular wear and tear.

The same is true about how easy it is to set up and to fly, regardless of your experience level. You’ll look as though you’d been flying drones forever, even when you just started minutes ago. The easiness of how to fly it frees yourself to concentrate fully on finding the perfect angle for your selfie, your photo, or your video.

Furthermore, quality of the photos and videos you get from its built-in camera will give any of its more expensive competitors a serious run for their money in the quality department. This is as good as quality gets from such as small, affordable, and easy-to-use package.

Lastly, the value this drone gets you for your money is unmatched – try finding a drone that has its features and its design, and you’ll be lucky to find one in its price range. It wouldn’t cost you $400, $300, and not even $200…you can have it for less than $100. The manufacturers are offering it at an absolute steal of a price of just $99…for a limited time only! You will never find a drone of this quality at that kind of price in the market – never.

You just can’t go wrong with the DroneX PRO, no matter what your experience level is – and all the more so if you are a beginner. If you’re still on the fence about buying your first drone, the DroneX PRO is what should get you off of it. It’s available from the official website!UPDATE: The folks at DroneX PRO are extending a special offer to our readers! Now with 50% off and with FREE SHIPPING worldwide for a limited time! Order more and get another DroneX PRO….for FREE! Order now!

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